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Case Study

World Bank / IFC study on Preparedness of Indian States to Attract Investment

Working with World Bank senior specialists, and India's nodal IPA Invest India, Maeflower Consulting co-developed and delivered a two-year projecton investment promotion and preparedness of Indian States.


'Invest India' isIndia's national investment promotion and facilitation agency. The World Bank Group (WBG) has provided InvestIndia with substantial support throughout their recent development period by advising on organizational matters, staff recruitment & training, and strategy development.

Invest India has an inward-looking role in terms of its relationships with the Indian States. These are critical relationships, especially in terms of being able to offer incoming investors a seamless service from point of interest through to location selection, establishment and ongoing operation. Therefore, it was important for InvestIndia to gain a better understanding of the state of affairs in each State vis-à-vis competitiveness for attracting new investment and preparedness and capacity and willingness to support incoming investors.

Project Definition

Working with World Bank senior specialists, Maeflower Consulting was required to assist with the development and delivery of an investment promotion preparedness survey. This entailed inputs to the final design of the questionnaire, the collection of data from the state investment promotion agencies, the analysis of the data and the preparation of reports on each State. Also provide support to Invest India in planning and implementing a program of visits / meetings with each State.

Project Delivery

Maeflower began with the creation of a database of key contacts across 21 states – Principle Secretary Industries, CEO of the Investment Promotion agency, Assistant Cabinet Secretary, CEO Industrial Development corporations – all executives entrusted with Investment promotion and investor facilitation. There was an outreach program to get the surveys answered, followed by securing validation meetings across all states. Information including State presentations had to be solicited beforehand and expectations on the format & process of validation meetings set. Maeflower visited 21 State capitals and had detailed discussions with State stakeholders based on 55 parameters of the survey across 8 sections.


Maeflower rated the State Agencies based on the structure of their agencies, Investor targeting & facilitation capabilities, aftercare programs and the sophistication of processes and technology use while working with investors. We came up with gap analysis and recommendations to achieve best in class practices in Investment promotion. We probed and understood industry clusters, OEM's, supply chains and manufacturing competencies in each state. This led us to an excellent understanding of each State and detailed study of availability of land, costs, incentives and other parameters relevant to international investors. Maeflower also was privy to highly qualified data, and has developed stronger relationships with State authorities responsible for incentives.