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Case Study


VITO is a research and consulting centre in Belgium, that addresses sustainability through innovation on materials and processes. Maeflower helped themunderstand the Indian market for material separation needs in industrial effluent, bio refineries and algal fuel generation business.

Vito develop Industry solutions to create solutions that offer abilities such as material reuse, valorization of waste, process intensification. VITO's membrane offerings are one such aspect of its understanding of material chemistry and separation processes.

Maeflower was commissioned for an India entry strategy and offered VITO insights on the India market obtained through interaction with potential end user companies, commercialization partners & other market intermediaries in target segments. Maeflower created a comprehensive report on the status of penetration of different membrane technologies in applications such as Zero Liquid Discharge, Desalination, Bio Refineries Market, Algae harvesting etc. The report also gave insights on the key companies VITO should target as part of their business development activities.

There was some sharp learning that that helped VITO in their go to market strategy. Zero Liquid discharge was identified as an application where critical anchor customers for reference sites could be acquired quickly. This would help VITO to build term value & build market share.

The local pollution control board data on various industrial units was seen to be comprehensive in terms of WasteManagement Solution and a source for pre sales tool to assess the applicability of VITO solutions.

We helped VITO co-organise a webinar and enroll many contacts developed through the engagement. The success of thewebinar further led to an event /conference in India.

VITO has since signed a comprehensive technology and business cooperation agreement with Valluri Technology Accelerators (India) for an array of programs covering smart cities, clean technology, and environmental sustainability in India. With the partnership, the two companies plan to offer their expertise on developing technological concepts and know how in the fields of energy, water, waste, pollution, healthcare and land use.