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Maeflower Consulting is a big believer in globalization and the interdependence of people and industries beyond political maps. We are drawn by the connectedness of materials, markets, skills and technologies across the world. We are also passionate about job creation – whether it is livelihoods enhancing agricultural productivity in emerging countries, or knowledge centric technical disruptors in developed economies.
There has certainly been an increasing focus on sustainability in recent years. Now more than ever, development and funding agencies, and businesses, are seeking out environmentally progressive solutions and development partners for delivering innovation and growth. As the world is moving towards sustainability, we at Maeflower, fostering and developing various Sustainability practices and solutions for our government and corporate business clients.
We work with economic development and investment promotion agencies. Helping them with intelligence, approach & leads to win FDI projects from India and Asia. We also work with exporters from their regions develop markets & win business in the Indian sub-continent and South Asia. To date we have helped over 20 agencies from across the world win investment projects from India. Our largest project in terms of capital invested is over Euro 150 million, and one with 450 jobs in terms of employment.
Vision & Mission

The pillars of our business

We are big believers of globalization. As Jack Welsh the legendary CEO of GE said, Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital - the world's best talents and greatest ideas.

The second pillar of our work is Sustainability and the Circular economy. As the adage goes this is the only planet we have and we all are wedded to its well being. We work with outstanding clients like the World Economic forum and GiZ on issues that impact wellbeing.

The third pillar that sustains Maeflower is technology. The Indian Startup and innovation ecosystem is now valued as one of the top 5 in the world. We believe that collaboration, IP commercialisation and constant innovation will drive the future, and we are plugged into it.


Our International Partner

OCO Global

Maeflower is an exclusive partner to OCO Global in India. OCO is a global leader in FDI, strategy consulting, place marketing, investor targeting, economic development, foreign direct investment, lead generation, site selection, trade advisory, and business intelligence. With headquarters in Belfast and offices in Dublin, London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo, Dubai and Bogotá OCO employ a multinational and multilingual staff of over 70 full time consultants specializing in Trade and Investment.


Nitin Pangam

Managing Director

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